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Jan202009; on the inauguration, life, etc

Posted on: January 21, 2009

We did it! We really, really did it. I watched the inauguration this morning before class, and tears welled in my eyes. During my senior year of high school, I began following Barack Obama’s campaign for the White House. I had the opportunity to see him speak in the fall of 2007, and in my heart, knew he would be our next president. I knew nothing would stop this man from becoming the first African American president. When I cast my vote for him in November of 2008, I had no doubt in my mind that Obama would win the election. More than just casting my vote or even voting for the first time (for a candidate I supported completely and undeniably), I witnessed my father, at 54 years old, vote for a Democratic candidate for the presidency. Nothing could’ve made me happier. Well, even better? My mother, a McCain supporter, didn’t vote that day. Sorry, Mom.

On another note: today I started my spring semester! I am taking four classes:

  • Music Business: Recording and Mass Media
  • Display and Visual Merchandising
  • Sociology Through Film
  • Introduction to General Business

I had my music business class today – I had my professor last semester; he is one of the best professors I’ve ever had! 

Have you ever had a fabulous fashion day that you didn’t even expect? Today was one of those days for me! After watching the Inauguration, I was incredibly late for class and threw on whatever looked like it matched. The result?

Earrings: $1 from Claire’s

Dress: $20 from Francesca’s Collections

Belt: came with a shirt from Justice! Just for Girls! (One of my jobs, a-thank you)

Scarf: 49 cents from Savers

What you can’t see: denim leggings from Target, $4 and shoes from Charlotte Russe (black flats with an ankle strap), $22.


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rly enjoyed celebrating the inauguration with you on ss.




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