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Feb82009; on work, baking, etc

Posted on: February 8, 2009

I have been the worst blogger ever lately! Because of starting my new job, I haven’t been up to blogging after class and work – sigh. But have no fear, I will be updating as often as possible again.

Speaking of, I started my new job on Monday! I work at a law office. It’s great! It’s a small group of co-workers (eight in all), all of whom are extremely interesting and different – and fun. I’m working approximately 32 hours a week, plus a full time school schedule – phew. I’ll let you know when I implode.

Soo… guys. My birthday is coming up pretty soon (April 17, in case you were wondering) and I found this piece of art online that I want so, so badly: it is amazing! It would be the best birthday present ever… No hints or anything. 🙂

Under the cut, so much more! I have so much to update you all on!

I have a list of things I need to start baking/cooking/making, but time really does not permit. Oh well. I am going to make this list anyway!

Enough about baking! 

For Valentines’ Day, my significant other Kurtis and I will be going and seeing the remake of Friday the 13th. Romantic, n’eh? It was his idea, but I’m very excited about it. Afterward, Denny’s for dessert and deliciousness.

It’s a mere 33 days until I, along with a few fabulous people, will be en route to New York City! I’m so, so excited.

Time to go make breakfast for lunch. Expect another update soon!


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