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Feb282009; on many things, fabulous and not

Posted on: March 1, 2009

Jersey La Roo says hallo!

One! I’m the worst blogger in the history of bloggers. I’m sorry, I love you all!

Two! I got my new camera! IT. IS. FABULOUS. I cannot wait to take innumerable amounts of photos to show you all! I even have a genius plot to start posting about daily occurrences of living with Brian Adventure (of ABC Adventures!). The photo above was taken with the new camera of my lovely Jersey.

Three! I will always and forever be obsessed with Jon and Kate Plus Eight. Those kids kill me. They are all so damn cute. And to be honest with you all – I like Kate. I think she’s a great mom. And I have a small crush on Jon… don’t hate!

Four! On a sadder note, my grandmother passed on about a week and a half ago. She was nearly 90 years old, though, so don’t be sad – she lived a long, full life. Rest in peace, Gram.

Five! I love my job! It is fabulous.

Six! I have some new favorite blogs! Color Me Katie has the cutest colors and ideas. I absolutely love reading it. And Sorry I Missed Your Party is downright hilarious.

Seven! I promise – I will update at least once a week.

Eight! I am exhausted. Goodnight, ladies and lads.

Lava yew,


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2 Responses to "Feb282009; on many things, fabulous and not"

Jersey is one sexy bitch! boo yeah!

hey bb face. im linking you (and liking you ooooo)

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