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Jersey La Roo says hallo!

One! I’m the worst blogger in the history of bloggers. I’m sorry, I love you all!

Two! I got my new camera! IT. IS. FABULOUS. I cannot wait to take innumerable amounts of photos to show you all! I even have a genius plot to start posting about daily occurrences of living with Brian Adventure (of ABC Adventures!). The photo above was taken with the new camera of my lovely Jersey.

Three! I will always and forever be obsessed with Jon and Kate Plus Eight. Those kids kill me. They are all so damn cute. And to be honest with you all – I like Kate. I think she’s a great mom. And I have a small crush on Jon… don’t hate!

Four! On a sadder note, my grandmother passed on about a week and a half ago. She was nearly 90 years old, though, so don’t be sad – she lived a long, full life. Rest in peace, Gram.

Five! I love my job! It is fabulous.

Six! I have some new favorite blogs! Color Me Katie has the cutest colors and ideas. I absolutely love reading it. And Sorry I Missed Your Party is downright hilarious.

Seven! I promise – I will update at least once a week.

Eight! I am exhausted. Goodnight, ladies and lads.

Lava yew,


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I have been the worst blogger ever lately! Because of starting my new job, I haven’t been up to blogging after class and work – sigh. But have no fear, I will be updating as often as possible again.

Speaking of, I started my new job on Monday! I work at a law office. It’s great! It’s a small group of co-workers (eight in all), all of whom are extremely interesting and different – and fun. I’m working approximately 32 hours a week, plus a full time school schedule – phew. I’ll let you know when I implode.

Soo… guys. My birthday is coming up pretty soon (April 17, in case you were wondering) and I found this piece of art online that I want so, so badly: it is amazing! It would be the best birthday present ever… No hints or anything. 🙂

Under the cut, so much more! I have so much to update you all on!

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Frantastic Fashion: Jan252009 (last day at Limited Too)

Scarf: Savers; $1.49
Dress: Forever21; so long ago, I can’t remember – probably $22
Belt: (from a top from) Justice!; again, so long ago, I can’t remember!
Tights: Free! Thanks, Grandma
Boots: Sheik, $35

Also: I love MTV’s True Life. I could waste an entire day watching a marathon. Same goes for America’s Next Top Model. Oh Tyra, if nothing else, you’ve taught me how to smile with my eyes, and I am forever indebted to you for that.

I love food. Ok? I cannot deny my love for a wonderfully delicious meal. LizAdventure and I made plans for this Thursday, to go thrift and antiquing, as well as try a new restaurant (for us), Delux Burger. The food looks exquisite and the prices are good, which serves my two favorite parts of most of my favorite places: reasonably priced and absolutely delicious food. I’m also very partial to places with kitschy or interesting atmospheres.

One of the issues of going out to eat, for me, is my limited diet for protein. I haven’t eaten pork or beef since Jan 1, 2008. I stick to poultry and fish only. This has caused some issues in eating at restaurants, especially certain places’ use of “secret bacon” (throwing bacon in a food that does not need bacon, without putting on the menu that there is bacon in the item – I’m looking at you, Paradise Bakery and your baked potato soup). 

Here’s a list of my favorite restaurants (in no particular order), where they are, and my favorite thing on the menu. Enjoy!

  • Cuvee 928 Wine Bar and Cafe  in Flagstaff, Arizona. My sister lives in Flagstaff and attends NAU. She made it a point to take me to Cuvee when I came to visit her. The paninis are delicious, and I would highly recommend one of their specials, a turkey panini with bleu cheese and simple greens. The paninis come with a side of simple greens as well as israeli cous cous in the perfect serving size. Cuvee’s food fills you just to the point of satisfaction, instead of stuffing you to the point of nausea like many other restaurants. Because of this, you’re more inclined to eat some of their delicious desserts – some of the best I’ve ever eaten! I would highly recommend Scott’s Barely Baked Chocolate Cake – yum! The prices are great for the quality of food; between three of us, the bill came to around $40, with all of us getting a panini, sharing a dessert, and getting a fountain drink.
  • Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen in Anaheim, California at Downtown Disney. I’d wanted to visit the Jazz Kitchen for some time when my sister, her boyfriend, one of my very best friends (Ashley) and I finally ventured there this past summer during our trip to Disneyland (favorite place in the world, hands down). I love créole style food, and Ralph Brennan really has it down pat. The Jazz Kitchen has one of my favorite atmospheres of any restaurant – I love the umbrellas on the ceiling! Every night, there’s a jazz band that plays just loudly enough to enjoy, but not so loud you can’t enjoy your company. I had the Panéed Chicken Bercy with a side of mashed potatoes and asparagus. So delicious! Dinner is pricier than lunch, obviously, but my meal was only $17. If you’re looking for the perfect place to go to get away from a long day at Disneyland, the Jazz Kitchen truly makes you feel like you’re in New Orleans.
  • Cheeburger Cheeburger is a national chain that started in Sanibel, Florida. I’ve been eating at Cheeburger Cheeburger since childhood, when my family would venture to Walt Disney World and to visit family. Now, Cheeburger Cheeburger has come to the valley – specifically, Tempe Marketplace in Tempe, Arizona. With their infinite number of burger, shake, and shake-a-soda combinations, it is impossible to get sick of Cheeburger Cheeburger. Their veggie burgers are handmade in the restaurant! Their turkey burgers are usually my choice, with one of over 50 of their delicious milkshakes. Instead of your own fries, you and a friend can choose from three different sizes, and even have a half order of fries and onion rings – yum! The restaurant is pink, too, which always makes it even better. Being there, you’ll feel like you’re stepping out of 2009 and into a 1950s beach movie! Prices are great, even if you splurge for a milkshake.
  • Pita Jungle has locations all over the valley in Arizona. I love pita. I love hummus. I love fresh vegetables and a very very vegetarian friendly menu. The California Beach club, with turkey, vegetables, cheese, and a side of the best tzatziki I’ve ever tasted, is my absolute favorite. The restaurants attract all kinds of people, from business men to families to hippies to hipsters and artists. The walls are covered in art, providing an excellent backdrop for the fresh, delicious, healthy food that comes from Pita Jungle. Don’t forget to try some of their iced tea! Prices are great and portions are huge! I always leave Pita Jungle with a doggie bag, and those are some leftovers I always eat.
  • Cafe Zuzu at the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale, Arizona is the most expensive restaurant on my list, but it’s totally and completely worth it. Talk about atmosphere! The Valley Ho was once a booming Scottsdale hotel in the late 1950s. After years of neglect, the once fabulously kitschy hot spot became dilapidated and ended up closing in the 1980s. After sitting vacantly for nearly 20 years, an investor came in, refurbished the whole hotel without losing the 1950s flair, and instead, updating it with modern colors and a great, new, kitsch feel. Their bleu cheese dip paired with homemade potato chips are a great way to start out the meal, and their macaroni and cheese is unmatched by any other restaurant I’ve ever been to. The chicken and penne is almost always my choice. At $17, it is one of the least expensive items on the dinner menu, so I’d recommend heading there for lunch to take in the atmosphere as well as save some money.
  • Blue Wasabi in Scottsdale, Arizona. I know I said these were in no particular order, but, Blue Wasabi is my absolute favorite restaurant. Sushi is my favorite food and Blue Wasabi has the best take on it. Their comprehensive list of traditional rolls are better than most restaurants, but their signature rolls are what really sets them apart from any other sushi place. My favorites are the Bada Bing (cream cheese, roasted bell peppers, asparagus, with a garlic and balsamic glaze) and the Squid Vicious (fried calamari, chipotle mayo, cucumber, and avacado). Each roll is between 5 and 14 dollars, so bring your friends and have an amazing, inexpensive meal. I highly recommend it! 

We did it! We really, really did it. I watched the inauguration this morning before class, and tears welled in my eyes. During my senior year of high school, I began following Barack Obama’s campaign for the White House. I had the opportunity to see him speak in the fall of 2007, and in my heart, knew he would be our next president. I knew nothing would stop this man from becoming the first African American president. When I cast my vote for him in November of 2008, I had no doubt in my mind that Obama would win the election. More than just casting my vote or even voting for the first time (for a candidate I supported completely and undeniably), I witnessed my father, at 54 years old, vote for a Democratic candidate for the presidency. Nothing could’ve made me happier. Well, even better? My mother, a McCain supporter, didn’t vote that day. Sorry, Mom.

On another note: today I started my spring semester! I am taking four classes:

  • Music Business: Recording and Mass Media
  • Display and Visual Merchandising
  • Sociology Through Film
  • Introduction to General Business

I had my music business class today – I had my professor last semester; he is one of the best professors I’ve ever had! 

Have you ever had a fabulous fashion day that you didn’t even expect? Today was one of those days for me! After watching the Inauguration, I was incredibly late for class and threw on whatever looked like it matched. The result?

Earrings: $1 from Claire’s

Dress: $20 from Francesca’s Collections

Belt: came with a shirt from Justice! Just for Girls! (One of my jobs, a-thank you)

Scarf: 49 cents from Savers

What you can’t see: denim leggings from Target, $4 and shoes from Charlotte Russe (black flats with an ankle strap), $22.


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